I'm Sorry... | BTS | Jungkook

I'm Sorry... | BTS | Jungkook

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{Sequel is out}

Kim Haena is constantly bullied by the famous Jeon Jungkook.

But what Haena doesn't know is that her life is about to get flipped upside down.

The only problem is how will she react to it?

And how will the boys react to it?

{The Sequel is out now!}

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There goes the comment section getting bombarded by comments 😂😂
She is normal nope I feel you girl I have black hair amd green eyes every one call me that I am an alien and they even tell me that I use lense....
taeshookinurarea taeshookinurarea Nov 12, 2016
She is normal?!?! Then i must be ugly!! She is above normal!!!
xxgotfishxx xxgotfishxx Oct 15, 2016
My hair is also reddish brown~
                              Everyone loves touching it and saying it so pretty 😂
btsarmysocutie btsarmysocutie Sep 16, 2016
It was spotlight.author,are you writing this ff with your phone?😊
The-Blue-Mockingjay The-Blue-Mockingjay Oct 12, 2016
Yh and you're probably going to forgive him straight away, because that happens in every High School AU fanfic. And trust me, that pisses me off.