My Bestfriend's Crush ( GxG )

My Bestfriend's Crush ( GxG )

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You know that your bestfriend loves this one girl but you can't stop yourself from falling in love with the same person he loves. 

Adelina is a girl with a perfect family, she has loving parents , two naughty twins and a bestfriend Derek.
Her life is perfect but what if she fall for her bestfriend's crush Cathrine, would she ignore her feelings for her friend's sake or follow her heart.

#highest ranking - 113 in teen fiction.

I'm in the same situation only I have both boy and girl best friends so it takes forever to explain
I know how that feels like, im so close with my best friend so people ask if we're dating is really weird
I want to say she's cute but I'm scared about what age she is
I have two twin brothers and one is Jared and the other is Caleb