Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x reader

Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x reader

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Emily :) By sneekypanda22 Completed

When Y/n was 6 years old, her father decided to build her a tree house. Ten years later, Y/N decided to go back to her tree house. Opening the trap door, she hears a small meow. Looking into the tree house, Y/N sees a tiny, black kitten, with no collar. She decides to take the kitten home and look after it. Later on this kitten decided he could trust Y/N and reviled himself as a Neko. When the twisted story that is his past, the small kitten would have to choose protect Y/N or give himself up for her. Read on to find out what happens in ~little kitty cat~

(Btw, the neko's name is Jace)

I don't really watch anime so, don't blame me if I don't get all of the Neko qualities

I have become obsessed with Neko guys and I had to write a story

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honey_bread honey_bread Feb 18, 2018
I dont know how many times I readed Y/N ;-;
                              To be honest this is the only book I have readed that isnt  with undertale since half a year ago..
Groggynop Groggynop May 30, 2017
Why does he remind me of Haru from Tonari no Kaibutsu-Kun? Already?
KittyReadZ100 KittyReadZ100 Sep 12, 2017
My nickname is kitty and my oc I'm using is Kitty I'll change it tho!
YouWoundMe YouWoundMe Dec 23, 2016
This is awkward. My brothers name is jace. 
                              Lol I just finished reading a book where the nekos name was jace
OnlyAForgottenMemory OnlyAForgottenMemory Nov 20, 2016
Awww.... so cute... DON"T CALL ME SHORT! I'M 5'2 AND I CAN KICK YOU IN YOUR FACE! (If I can reach it) T^T Other than that.. I wanna hug the kitty I love him!
I remember this dude called me a midget and he was like ONE inch taller than me so I was just like “ LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SQUIRT, IF IM A MIDGET THEN THST MAKES U ONE TOO NOW STFU BEFORE I WHOOP YOUR BUMS” 
                              What was his response?...
                              “Do it.”