Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x reader

Little kitty cat~ Neko boy x reader

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The dreamer By sneekypanda22 Completed

When Y/n was 6 years old, her father decided to build her a tree house. Ten years later, Y/N decided to go back to her tree house. Opening the trap door, she hears a small meow. Looking into the tree house, Y/N sees a tiny, black kitten, with no collar. She decides to take the kitten home and look after it. Later on this kitten decided he could trust Y/N and reviled himself as a Neko. When the twisted story that is his past, the small kitten would have to choose protect Y/N or give himself up for her. Read on to find out what happens in ~little kitty cat~

(Btw, the neko's name is Jace)

I don't really watch anime so, don't blame me if I don't get all of the Neko qualities

I have become obsessed with Neko guys and I had to write a story

kaitlyn_happyface kaitlyn_happyface May 08, 2016
squishybby squishybby Jul 31, 2016
Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr.
HeyItsMac_ HeyItsMac_ Dec 27, 2016
Hey there sweetie little innocent Jace >w< (at least I hope your innocent XD)
Ok if a cat wrote its name in the sand I would be slightly scared
ImAForgottenMemory ImAForgottenMemory Nov 20, 2016
My thought would be... "WOW A SMART KITTY!! I AM GOING TO KEEP YOU!"
YouWoundMe YouWoundMe Dec 23, 2016
This is awkward. My brothers name is jace. 
                              Lol I just finished reading a book where the nekos name was jace