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The Big Bad Wolf's Mate

The Big Bad Wolf's Mate

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MyFairyTaleForever By MyFairyTaleForever Completed

Red isn't your typical 17-year-old teenager. She is her own kind of person who has a small addiction to eating Hot Cheetos and enjoys playing video games on the Xbox. Like any other person she has an over protective brother, girly girl sister, the trouble making twins, a shy observant sister, and then you get Little Red the crazy one. What sets Red aside from other teens is that she is a werewolf hunter. After a war set with both sides there was so much blood shed that a truce had to be made. Every pack in the little town of Roseburg, Oregon, must live by one basic rule: Never touch/harm a human in any way. It has been years since the truce was made and everybody has lived in peace. That is until a large pack of rouges inhabit the town throwing the truce out of balance. Now werewolves and hunters must work together to overcome the rouges.  Is it possible to do even with all the bad blood between them? Even with everything going on that isn't the only problem Red has, the alpha of the largest pack in Oregon claims her as his mate. Humans (especially werewolf hunters) can't be mated to werewolves can they?

A/N this story may not be copied in any way, shape, or form. Other than that enjoy :)

Oh my God me like that is literally my twin dude stuff like that seriously has happened to me before just sleeping having a dream and suddenly the real world decides to try seeping in it really sucks though cause usually it's always the a good dream or a really exciting but weird dream.
Could never ever even come close to somewhat kind of being this
Waaaahhhhhh can I be your new sister Dame girl now I'm really hungry.
Oh my God she is my twin like no joke this is me all the way around but we'd be fraternal tho other than that we are one
YearofSwimming YearofSwimming Sep 14, 2016
BTS!!! (Sorry I read And couldn't help but be reminded of "run" by BTS...) ;p
MyFairyTaleForever MyFairyTaleForever Mar 24, 2016
HIIIII GUYS! It has been too long XD Thanks for sending me your votes! Miss seeing all the comments here haha. Just stoppen by to tell yall that THE SEQUEL TO THIS BOOK  IS OUT WHOP WHOOOPPPP!!!! Yup... I just leave then so I can sniff some Pixi stixs and eat tacos :D