Who Are You, Really >> Avatar Aang

Who Are You, Really >> Avatar Aang

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|| Book 1: Water ||

Kailani's family has moved from village from village for the last hundred years. Her grandmother was born at the Eastern Air-Temple where she was a powerful Airbender. And when the Fire Nation attacked, she was the only survivor out of all four Temples. 

Eri, as she was called, lived the rest of her life at the Southern Water Tribe, where she fell in love with a Waterbender and gave birth to Kailani's father, Kesuk, who was a non-bender. Years later, Eri died after a Fire Nation attack and her son and his pregnant wife ran away from the water tribe in sorrow. 6 months later, Kailani was born at a small Earth Kingdom village, and it was soon discovered that she was an Airbender. Her parents try their hardest to keep it a secret so non of the Fire Nation would find out that not all Airbender's are extinct. This plan worked for 7 years until it all came crashing down.

Kailani, now at the age of 12, is at Kyoshi Island, where she lives with Suki and her family and she hoped she would never have to move again. That is until the Avatar arrived.

[Aang x OC]

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