1 | Who Are You, Really ▸ Avatar Aang

1 | Who Are You, Really ▸ Avatar Aang

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Pandora By influence35 Updated Jun 17

|| Book 1: Water ||

Air-benders have been extincted for a century. The whole culture was wiped out by the ruthless Fire Nation. What many do not know, however, was that one air-bender escaped. Eri, as she was called, fled to the Southern Water Tribe and settled down, having children and grandchildren. Non of her kin inherited her endangered skill. Until Kailani. 

[ Avatar: the Last Airbender - Water ]
[ Aang x OC ]

MissPadfootMalfoy MissPadfootMalfoy Sep 11, 2016
I'm sorry but all I can think of right now is the Naruto run...
MusicArt17 MusicArt17 Dec 22, 2016
I laughed when the guy had foam in his mouth and went nuts and passed out. LMFOA!!