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こにちわ! By TheJapaneseNekoOtaku Updated Dec 20, 2016

Book 1/2:

The new kid Lucy Heartfillia is the biggest nerd in the school. But outside of school she is a beautiful nerd. Natsu Dragneel the popular kid in school saw what Lucy really looked like and fell in love with her. Natsu is actually a yandere. His love for Lucy increase and his yandere side grows stronger. What will happen to Lucy and Natsu?


Book 3:

Natsu has a bad past but his father has a new job and they move to Mongolia. Lucy is a shy girl that loves Natsu from childhood. But when Natsu comes to her school and to her class she reacts weirdly. Gray is Natsu's friend, he fell in love with Natsu and Natsu fell in love with him. But what happens when she finds that that their gay? Find out what happens to them!

Warning This Story Contains: Gratsu, Nalu and some gayness

Please don't read it if you against gay people or Gratsu!

Book 4:

A requested story. No hate on this ship, don't read it if you dislike this ship.

Sting and Lucy are childhood friends and they secretly love each other as they grew up Lucy had face family problems and she is slowly hiding her feelings. She slowly turned into a tsundere, Sting is hoping that he can change Lucy back and so he can confess his feelings. Lucy on the other hand wants to confess to Sting but there was a problem, she was a HUGE tsundere and says stuff she doesn't mean. What will happen to them?

#662 In Random

juvia_x juvia_x Oct 17, 2016
*throws plastic knife at your face* no. bye, bye natsu, byeeee
TheKawaiiPotatoGod TheKawaiiPotatoGod Oct 22, 2016
If you listen closely...
                                                                 You can hear tables flipping...
                                                               All around the world...
juvia_x juvia_x Oct 17, 2016
1v1 ME RITE NOW NATSU I WILL BREAK YOU *takes out plastic knife*
bizzzibee bizzzibee Nov 25, 2016
DANG MAN, how can u fall in love with someone when you only like her when her glasses are off?!?
bizzzibee bizzzibee Nov 25, 2016
Shut up Natsu, you'll fall in love with one of those nerds soon
SomeStressedOutCat SomeStressedOutCat Sep 23, 2016
Go away lasagna. See, even autocorrect does but want you here.