Colors (bxb)

Colors (bxb)

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『jalen』 By omgJalen Updated 4 days ago

「And now I'm covered in the colors,
Pulled apart at the seams」

Kristopher Simmons is sixteen-years-old and slaving through his Junior year of high school. Being a closeted gay, as well as having chromesthesia, can be tough on it's own - but coupled with the usual teenage woes, and it's nothing short of torture. Hiding his depression behind multiple façades, Kristopher tries his hardest to get through life without cracking apart.

And then Justin Reynolds transfers into Riverwood High, and Kristopher's life is thrown into yet another mini-chaos. Falling in love with a straight boy is something that has happened before, and he's not exactly willing to do it again. But there's something about Justin that draws him in, that turns him into someone more than a gay boy who can see colors in the air. 

A bad ending is inevitable. But maybe, just maybe, Justin can break away Kristopher's walls and save the boy from going down the wrong road . . . and maybe, they'll both fall in love along the way.

【The cover for this story was created by @SinEmpire. Go check her out!】

GraySunset GraySunset 5 days ago
omgg i cant wait to start reading in a moment, this sounds soooo good and im so excited for this
LazySide LazySide Jan 02
Guys: 🔴🔵⚫️⚪️🔘 these are emojis you're welcome
hanlovespasta hanlovespasta Sep 05, 2016
closeted bi girl in junior year. let's go kristopher let's be bffs
Yeah different is good! And you do you honestly! The most important thing is to be happy :))
LazySide LazySide Jan 02
I don't know why people make a big deal about diversity tbh. To me different is good because I get bored with the same kind of people after a while.
LazySide LazySide Jan 02
Aw no bloody fights with the bad guy getting beat up? Is that considered gore?