Fallen (A Charisk - Undertale Fan Fiction)

Fallen (A Charisk - Undertale Fan Fiction)

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Cutiejea By Cutiejea Updated Nov 09

*WARNING: Undertale is a game best played blind (meaning you need to have NO INFO about the game mechanics/story/etc) so if you haven't played it or the YouTuber you're watching hasn't finished playing it *coughs* Dan and Phil *coughs* DON'T READ THE BOOK (unless u don't give a damn)*

What if there another reason why you fell down Mt. Ebott? What if there is more than just being the hope for all monsters and humans? What if Asriel isn't the only that needs saving? What if... you need to save someone else? This is the story of Frisk and it's faced to save someone who mysteriously arrived after going home

Rated M: Sexual References, Violence, Supernatural Themes

Artwork: https://plus.google.com/+ToyChicathepartychiken/photos/photo/6235007098030478258?pid=6235007098030478258&oid=113687338882440431932

I'm Charisk trash and I don't have Tumblr or never even looked at it yet .w.
God dammit Tumblr XD (Don't worry its Tumblr's fault I'm Charisk trash too)