Don't Let Me Go || l.s.

Don't Let Me Go || l.s.

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b e t h a n y By wanderlou Completed

Louis Tomlinson, n. - 17 years old. Likes books and cute boys. Bullied. 

Harry Styles, n. - 17 years old. Likes expensive cars and pretty boys. Popular. New to the school.

What happens when these two completely different worlds collide? Will it be a fairytale, or end in heartbreak?


emxji18 emxji18 Oct 08
The second paragraph of the actual book and.......I think I'm gonna cry😢
"And boom, finished."
                              Are you Russian Hacker off YouTube Lou???
aga_loves1d aga_loves1d May 02
Where can i find the first book can you send ne the link to it thanks ?
GazWasHere GazWasHere Nov 03
Or u could u know tell someone and report him to the police idk
Darling, your hair is perfect, now my hair is like Batman meets Black Widow, a fight everyday , like can my hair pls stop making me put my hair up everyday
Everyone is talking about the guy from 5sos and im like Mikey way