Fairytale Mess  #Wattys2016

Fairytale Mess #Wattys2016

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loveallalways By loveallalways Updated Oct 30, 2016

Ella is stuck, stuck in the middle of a  fairytale-in-making.  That's what happens when you piss a fairy godmother off.

Meet the prince of her story, Prince Alec. 
He is not your typical prince charming. With looks that could kill, he is arrogant, cocky, rude and an expert in pissing Ella off.

Now, her job is to complete the story by helping the prince find love but it won't be easy, especially when the prince has no intention of falling in love.

She will mess with naughty pixies, fight with dragons, meet spoilt princesses.

And with help from a fairy godmother, who is more trouble than help, she will make a fairytale mess.

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trell_1990 trell_1990 May 31, 2017
This is a very exiting.
                               I always want to see more fantasy in this wattpad.
anamika5678 anamika5678 Aug 16, 2016
Very intriguing, ofcourse. Don't you dare stop writing, young writer. Looking forward to your stories. Keep up the good deed. 😍
rehma5 rehma5 May 13, 2016
I read the summary and it's so cute. I'd love to read the book, but I don't have connection in my house, and I want to read this online. So, it might take more than a month or so, but I'll get to this book, insha Allah.
srivastav05 srivastav05 Jul 18, 2016
@loveallalways i really loved the first chapter.. Looking forward  to your next books😁😁
Vihangpagare Vihangpagare Nov 12, 2016
I agree that no princess , Santa Claus and god mother's. Don't you agree to.
taharao taharao Jul 09, 2016
Hahaha.... Meeting A. Holes? Backbiting friends? Not a charming prince? If you live like a princess you'll definitely get someone who'll treated you like a princess "though may not be a prince" could be a poor but prince at heart   
                              (miracles happen to those who believe) simple is that :)