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Full Moon [Kakashi's Daughter Fan fiction]

Full Moon [Kakashi's Daughter Fan fiction]

18.3K Reads 765 Votes 8 Part Story
【 失恋 】 By kkouchii_ Updated Feb 27, 2016

Meet Tsukiko Saeki. She's just an average girl but blessed with beauty and intelligence! She is the smartest among her class and family. Tsukiko was adopted by Sibastian Saeki. He saw her near the trash bin and felt pity for her and decided to adopt her. His Second wife hated the fact that he adopted a beautiful baby girl, Not beautiful like her daughters. One day, Sibastian died due of a car accident. Tsukikio's adoptive mother started making her as their maid. They even destroyed Tsukikio's beautiful face and body. Every mistake that she did there's an intense punishments. That how she got so many scars on her face and body but she doesn't care about it. Tsukikio is a Kind, gentle , loving girl. She forgives easily. That's the problem to her. One night, While she is watching her favorite anime, Naruto, She noticed the full moon that peeked on her window. After admiring the beauty of the moon, She fell into darkness. Who is Tsukikio really?

XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Aug 28, 2016
Is it only me that felt like a robot wrote this? Cuz my mind read it in a robotic kinda way ._.
KathrineMichaelis KathrineMichaelis Nov 01, 2016
Uh, didn't I kill you already? Like, half a chapter ago? Why are you still here?
KathrineMichaelis KathrineMichaelis Nov 01, 2016
So, ya know, I think it's time for this bītch to, like...*pulls out kunai* *throws it to hit the abusive bītch's temple* oh, oops, look at that. Sorry about the blood stain.
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Aug 28, 2016
I think this chapter was AMAZING! At least it's not cliché, where the character wishes to go to the Naruto verse while they are dying. To me, this ones unique! ヽ(^◇^*)/
CrazyCatCrew593 CrazyCatCrew593 Aug 16, 2016
Love this chapter. I'm all tingly with happiness from this sweet story. 🤗
OtaKu_LA_Queen OtaKu_LA_Queen Oct 22, 2016
Yes and I wish to be... a magical half-unicorn half-hunan (don't ask how they reproduce that is why they are magic) that poops out gold and throws up rainbows!