Respect :  Fontcest / Edgeberry

Respect : Fontcest / Edgeberry

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Melon By Melonbread96 Updated Dec 22, 2017

Sans has always been treated like a child. With his small figure and adorable features. He feels frustrated that he can't be treated like everyone else. His brother is probably the worst of the bunch. Papyrus always tries to protect him from everything. All Sans wants is to become an adult. One night he'll get exactly what he wished. Except that it won't come easily. 

Maybe it'll be something he'll regret.

Warning: (possible smut) boyxboy, swearing, and skeleton incest?

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Bluestarfan10 Bluestarfan10 Dec 25, 2016
Okay they said it's "frowned upon in real life" while it is true with most people, I don't "frown upon" anything except for bulling, rape, and stuff like that... I don't feel that way towards my brother but I don't think people should be shamed for something they can't control
Jeceniah Jeceniah Jun 11, 2016
I FEEL BAD FOR NOT SEEING IT AS WRONG :') like i wouldn't date my siblings cuz their assholes or too young / I don't see them that way but ???? I still wouldn't shame someone for doing it :'))) imsosorry
CertShot CertShot Jun 21, 2016
incest is normal for rednecks though.... just kick his sister in the jaw and he's circumcised....
Sarawashere1 Sarawashere1 Jun 09, 2016
8 more years to come!
                              FU*K THAT SH*T IM GONNA REAS THIS BOOK (I HOPE ITS GOOD)
oliverblue71 oliverblue71 Apr 04, 2016
im 11 and love smut and dont care what you recomend cause i is a bad girl!
SilverKitty880 SilverKitty880 May 21, 2016
I seriously doubt the people that read this will be above 18 XD