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PrincessHarryMalik By PrincessHarryMalik Updated Jul 12, 2017

"I know life's not a fairytale"

"I don't need other people reminding me"

Zayn might be cheating on someone with his assistant


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009000909q 009000909q Aug 05, 2017
i expected it to be liam or louis..but its niall..nice twist..and barry he he :D :D
Toolazytomove Toolazytomove May 28, 2016
Zayn is an asśhole , never let a guy fùck you over just cuz you like him
1Dreamlove777 1Dreamlove777 Mar 19, 2016
Well clearly Harry just doesn't want to say his name, Zayn... 😒
Hey_Angel123 Hey_Angel123 Jun 18, 2016
OK but last time I checked this isn't The Flash and you aren't Cisco
Toolazytomove Toolazytomove May 28, 2016
Niall ?! Well that's a change . It's always either Liam or Louis 😂
Laindzy Laindzy Aug 16, 2016
What do I think? Well, first of all, you have 2 options. 1,you can apologize for any possible spelling or grammar errors and just leave them poor 2,proofread you work and fix them.    I found the generous use of "I say", over and over, a little jarring.