The Bloodsucker {Jelsa}

The Bloodsucker {Jelsa}

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The Mad Fangirl By Carmen_Frost Updated Feb 28


Elizabeth Arena is just an ordinary girl with a crappy life, but that was at first, it all started to change once she has met a man, biting on her woman's neck, 'Rapist' Elizabeth thought.


"You've got to belive in me..."

"I'm just trying to protect you!"

"I love you..."



The Bloosucker~

BEWARE: this is a book for 13+ since there are some sick fangirls nowadays, but only 2 chapter contain a lemon, that is "LEMON", and "Shower", but if you are reading this, don't freak once you finish the book and find out what it says- I will be making a book 2 soon! It says on my bio, I hope you all enjoy this!  ~Carmen_Frost

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Oh my god you know chronicles of narnia just so if you dont know there are three movies of it