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juuzou x reader (Lemon)

juuzou x reader (Lemon)

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kawaii trash By Kawaii_kittyqween Completed

Modern time
I was walking downtown, with my dog Jason (is a yes I know that Jason is a vilans name!!) then I saw my best friend/crush. "hey (y/n)!!!!" she looked at me then smiled "hey Juuzou!!!" "how are ya?" "good! you?" "awesome such a beautiful day outside,so I decided to take Jason for a walk" "cool! hi Jason!! how are you? " BARK!! BARK!!" she laughed 'such a beautiful laugh, like she is' I said in my mind "juuzou? juuzou!!!!" "huh? what was that? she laughed again "ahh juuzou, always out of it" "oh! s-sorry" I rub the back of my neck "uhh you ok juuzou? is there something wrong? "how could you tell? "you told me when you studder or rub the back of your neck, something's wrong" "oh no.. I was just thinking" "thinking about what? "about you" she blushed "god, your so cute when you blush" "j-juuzou" "you know what? come to my house!! we can play video games, and hang out! "cool! I need to change first, I just got out of school" "m'kay!! ill walk you! "thanks juuzou!" and we walked ...

KonaKona666 KonaKona666 Mar 24
Juuzou x reader. I can only guess his cuck will be the size of eiffel tower. Even tho he doesn't have genitals
Elasila16 Elasila16 Mar 27
wait am i the only one aware that he doesnt have his thing anymore because that lady cut it off
is this from juuzou's perspective or did you make HIM a HER?
I'm not kawiia I'm a crazy ass bich big so I'm a yandara~chan
edsgasala edsgasala May 08
Actually juuzou is a boy you can't judge a person before you met em
- - Mar 16
Maybe the author knew that he is a boy but likes him better has a girl...idk :|