Mission Impossible: Seducing The Badboy

Mission Impossible: Seducing The Badboy

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Levy Mcgarden. Senior student of Fairy Tail High School. Sweet and lovable. Nerd. All 2 of her boyfriends used her. Best friend/crush: Gray Fullbuster. 

Gajeel Redfox. The popular bad boy of the school. A big bad bully. All the girls are fantasizing him but he doesn't show any affection to the girls or to anyone except for Juvia Lockser.

What will happen if Levy's bestfriend/crush, Gray, ask her to seduce Gajeel because Juvia, the girl that he likes doesn't give him attention because of Gajeel? Will everything turns out well?

-I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters for all of them belong only to the great Hiro Mashima-san

Clawdeen90 Clawdeen90 Nov 21
I won't 
                              AS LONG AS U PUT GALE MOMENTS IN THIS
                              no pressure 
R-right! I wasn't even considering being angry! *hides bat behind back*
Clawdeen90 Clawdeen90 Nov 21
I just imagine gray like yandere and saying notice meh senpai
natsu278 natsu278 Sep 05
Alright so I got confused at first and I'm all like hell nah but then I understand alright everything's good
Levy in this story:
                              SEMPI NOTICE MEEE!!!
                              Levy in Fairy Tail:
                              I have a name you know!!
levylove24 levylove24 Aug 08
Honey, my GaLe will be together. Wether I have to meddle or not, Mira-San, Rare-Chan, and I will have our 33 GaLe babies!!😈 @SarcasticandCrazy79 
                              oopsies, sorry got a little carried away... My sincere apologies Author-San!☺️☺️