Daring Darling ↬ T. Riddle [SLOW UPDATES]

Daring Darling ↬ T. Riddle [SLOW UPDATES]

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Tom Riddle. The name now struck a cord with many within the Wizardry community. He was the Dark Lord, He Who Must Not Be Named - Lord Voldemort. He was the one who had caused so much suffering, his ideologies being supported by those with the same and their support making him feel superior. He had the whole world within his hands, but for the wrong reasons. Nobody claimed to know him except Albus Dumbledore, Rubeus Hagrid and Horace Slughorn during his time as a student at Hogwarts. They mentioned everything but one piece of key information when preparing The Boy Who Lived.


They failed to mention that Tom Riddle had a friend during his time at Hogwarts, a real friend who had nothing but pure intentions for Tom and in return Tom himself having nothing but pure intentions for this friend of his. 

They had failed to mention Iris Moore. 

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