Danny Phantom: A New World

Danny Phantom: A New World

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Jessica Nguyen By Jessnguyen99 Updated Jul 28, 2017

-This fan-fiction takes place after Phantom Planet. Everything is the same EXCEPT Danny's secret was not revealed, and Sam and Danny are not together.  Danny's mom is also the Mayor of Amity park. 

Ever since Danny Phantom saved the world from the disasteroid, things have not been the same. Danny tried to continue ghost fighting afterwards, but there were no ghosts to fight. Everything was actually peaceful. The world was off praising Danny Phantom, and the government had stopped trying to hunt him down. 

Life was good, but there was still the problem of Danny failing almost every one of his classes. Hey, that's what happens when you're a 14 year old half ghost out saving the world. 

With Mr. Lancer's help,  Danny's parents found a very expensive private school in Florida. It was pretty much guaranteed to help turn Danny's life around. So, a month after he saved the world, Danny decided to give up ghost hunting forever. Not because he didn't enjoy protecting people, but because he had actually found a way to a better future. 

However, after two years of studying, and supernatural radio silence; the school Danny has been going to has decided to close down. There's nowhere else for him to go but back home, and boy have things changed. 

Meanwhile, the world has been left wondering if Danny Phantom will ever return. As far as everyone is concerned, he has vanished for good. 
But when things start to go spiralling out of control will Danny come out of the shadows? Or is he too focused on his future to give up the good grades, and scholarship he has worked so hard to achieve? 

(Sadly, I do not own Danny Phantom. All rights reserved to Nickelodeon and Butch Hartman. And YES I did make the cover for this Fan-fiction, though the pictures that I used are of course NOT mine.) 

-The rights to all of the Characters goes to Butch Hartman- 

•••I do not own anything, and if I create my own characters I will state otherwise.•••

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DannyPhantomPhandom DannyPhantomPhandom May 20, 2017
Seems promising. The concept appears to be well structured and organized, although I would question the use of Valerie, this is great so far.