My Dog Is My Mate?

My Dog Is My Mate?

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Kimchi By whatzsup1 Updated Apr 04

I realize the title is extremely weird XD The story is also quite... well weird, and it's very poorly written in the beginning, but I guess it gets better towards the end xP

❝I closed my eyes awaiting death, feeling a tear slide down my rosy pink cheeks, struggling to breathe.  I knew I was going to die.
  But death never came❞

  Lillian and her dog are inseparable ever since they saved each other in the woods. She never noticed his height. Or the wolves that followed him around. Not even when he disappears without a trace, and then comes back the next day. 
But what she did notice is when she turned 17 he became more protective, more possessive, and more... human.

Join Lillian as she is suddenly thrown into a world of laws, death, and plenty of drama that spurs and comes into her plain life now that the secret that had been running right beneath her nose is revealed:

Her dog is a werewolf. 

Her mate to be more precise.
❝"We're mates." 

Huh? What did he mean by that? I questioned in my mind. I raised my eyebrow at him and it suddenly clicked. Some things started to make sense now! "Ohhhh! we are I guess," I said realization crossing me, voicing out my thoughts, and he raised both of his eyebrows. Clearly surprised that any sort of idea would cross my lowly thought of brain.

"You know?" He asked confused and looked at me. Gaze piercing and flooding with relief but also doubtfulness, his eyes flicking over my features almost as if inspecting for the lie beneath a truth.

"Yea! You're Australian. Like, 'hey mate'," I said saying an example of how the Australian people would speak on television.❞
Series: Hidden Below
Book 1
  (Warning: There will be profanities, cringing, second hand embarrassment... and lots and LOTS of drama)
  Awesome cover by me
  Random updates.
  *Highest rank: #200 in werewolf. 9/4/17*

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I'm honestly in love with the idea if having the "mate" be a pet. Normally I strongly dislike mate stories, because come on, you're cool with this guy sucking people's blood or turning into a wolf? But if my dog just turned into a guy, yeah, I'm on board xD
gabby_schrader gabby_schrader Oct 19, 2017
Your daughter has blood on her shirt and you don’t say anything?!
WrittenDreams3 WrittenDreams3 Jun 09, 2017
I mean it varies from book to book. Some have no age limit, some 16, and some 18. Werewolf books really vary across the spectrum
Tripsdnn Tripsdnn Dec 04, 2017
I’m good until the age gap is less than or equal to fifteen. That’s just a little pedophileish, so this is my stretch limit.
ellecollinssss ellecollinssss Jun 23, 2017
I don't really think it's "Ravens pov", it's in third person.. but i understand what you mean.
NLUSHS NLUSHS Mar 19, 2017
Sweetheart, I wake up at 4:30 in the morning just to get ready to go to school. Consider yourself lucky.