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My Dog Is My Mate?

My Dog Is My Mate?

39.4K Reads 1.5K Votes 20 Part Story
Kimchi By whatzsup1 Updated Feb 11

"I closed my eyes awaiting death, feeling a tear slide down my rosy pink cheeks, struggling to breathe.  I knew I was going to die.

But death never came."
Lillian and her dog are inseparable ever since they saved each other in the woods. She never noticed his ginormous height. Or the wolves that followed him around. Not even when he disappears without a trace, and then comes back the next day. 

But what she did notice is when she turned 17 he became more protective, more possessive, and more... human.
(Warning: There will be profanities)
Awesome cover by @percabethprotector
Random updates.
*Highest rank: #256 in werewolf. 7/16/16*

Jazzy4852 Jazzy4852 Feb 25, 2016
chess I love LE book ur so good at writing stories. Good luck with ur books and contest against @DarkDiamond03
_PhanicAtTheRomance_ _PhanicAtTheRomance_ Jul 30, 2016
When I was 8 all I did was eat pancakes and noodles (not together that's just ew)
Flash2334 Flash2334 Jun 26, 2016
yup. I agree it doesn't actually matter how old one of them are as long as the other has their wolf. 😄
fantasykeeper fantasykeeper Jul 27, 2016
If I was a 8 year old that saw blood coming from a dog I would've started crying then lose my conscious some how and fall into forever darkness
robinoswaldclair robinoswaldclair May 04, 2016
so when i looked at your title i was like, "Well...this is awkward,"
Gilliemebe Gilliemebe Aug 11, 2016
When I was eight I would've talked to it and howled to see if it would respond.😂