Blackmailed By The Dragoneel [Nalu fanfic]

Blackmailed By The Dragoneel [Nalu fanfic]

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Annie <3 By moonlightxmavis Updated Mar 18

"Looking for this?" Whispers a voice that sends shivers down my spine.
I turn round and see the one and only Natsu with my diary in hand I try to snatch it but he has long arms.

"Give it back it's mine!"

"Well now it's mine and I gotta say I never knew you were one for skinny dipping" he laughed evilly. My eyes widen in horror he read it he ACTUALLY read it!

"YOU BITCH GIVE IT BACK!" I yelled trying to snatch it, why does he have to be so God Damm tall?!

"Not a chance princess"

"Please I'l do anything just give it back and keep your mouth shut please" I pleaded

"I thought you were just calling me a bitch and now your begging, what a day"

"Agh please Natsu ,just please don't tell anyone and I will do anything"

"Anything? Well there is one thing...."


Lucy is a normal 17 year old girl with a father who neglects her and her lost mother she only wants to finish boarding school and pursue her dream as a writer.
But will this be as easy as she thought when a certain boy with salmon hair Intervenes? With no other choice she is forced to do whatever he tells her to like go buy him pop tarts and be his fake girlfriend but will Natsu have a change of heart for a certain blonde?

This is my first fanfic, well actually my first book ever and I'm very new to this so sorry if it's a complete fail - Annie &lt;3

Not my characters All rights go to Hiro Mashina

*is cringing at the fact that "Dragneel" was spelt wrong in the book cover.*
Lol I understand...when i go back and read the first book i wrote i just feel like cringing XD
Dragoneel!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! *Dies of laughter* XD XD XD Oh sorry if this came out as rude, it wasn't meant to be...*bows head*
Same joggers are DA boom, but I would choose jeans too they comfortable
Fairy tail and calm in the same sentence?  I didn't think this was possible