Cliff (Mpreg, Larry) (cowritten) ✅

Cliff (Mpreg, Larry) (cowritten) ✅

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L͜͡a͜͡r͜͡r͜͡y By themorethelarrier Completed

"Newsflash Harry. I'm married." Louis says point to the ring on his finger showing Harry, and all the while trying to remind himself that he has Nick. Who is perfect.

   "Louis. Daddy is back for you baby and if you think that's going to stop me you have
    another thing coming." He says darkly making Louis' heart skip a beat. 


Louis marries Nick, the shy and nerdy guy he fell in love with college. Nick loves Louis him and Louis' child. The only thing that causes a problem is when the father of that child returns to claim his Louis.

Basically, Nick and Louis are married with a child that Louis had with Harry five years ago. Things happen, bad boy Harry comes back and wants his old life back.

Will Louis be able to stop himself from falling for him again?

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  • daddykink
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Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Sep 17
That's just so selfish.
                              You can't hurt someone and disappear for a while and once the person moved on with his life without you. You decide to come back and ruin everything for him. 
                              I don't know what happened yet but let's see
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Sep 17
How could she even know about him seeing a therapist? And wtf he left for 5 years not 5 days
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Sep 17
You have to admit it tho. Don't be racist just because he's not harry you want so much to make him look bad.
                              Harry is the bad guy and in this story Nick is better than him
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Sep 17
Why do people hate anyone who'd not louis and harry? It's obviously harry was a dick in the past and nick as the author described is the good lad. U need to stop hating anyone who's not harry and lou .... I mean if things were reversed you wouldn't hate harry
tinieloueh tinieloueh 4 days ago
nick is cute shut up you wouldn’t like it if someone said that about louis or harry so be quiet
Lina-Rey Lina-Rey Sep 17
Ughh people...
                               Nick is better than harry in this fic whether you like it or not.
                              He was her father for 5 years when harry left