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dianahwrites By dianahwrites Updated Nov 18, 2016

Justin Bieber is a guy who has a rough past behind him, and he's trying his best to live by not socialize himself with others and especially not girls. He doesn't let anybody in and he definitely doesn't invite anyone. 

He knows how people will get hurt if he let anybody in, and he's not ready to lose anyone else because he has already lost his girlfriend and his parents.

But when one girl comes along, Justin's life seemed to change, he don't know how one girl manage to do that. He doesn't understand why he's willing to do everything to protect her and everything for him to be good enough for her. 

He's amazed by her innocence and her good heart, her caring and her ability to make him feel like he's far, far away from reality.

But Justin isn't a normal guy, he has his business to take care of and he has his parents he wants to find. Selena is willing to stay with him no matter what and Justin feels like God send him an angle to take care of him because he's finding the light and his life isn't as dark as it used to be.

After how fast time flies, how things changed, how people changed and how secrets revealed made Justin understand one thing; this will not remain forever.

justanotherwriter23_ justanotherwriter23_ Nov 11, 2016
im rereading this for the 4th time, this is how much i freaking love this book, like i die
Remember_Jelena Remember_Jelena Nov 25, 2014
This chapter is blank? Its literally white but i know you wrote a chapter so why wont it let me see it