Septiplier One Shots

Septiplier One Shots

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are we alone? By SleepingSaints Updated Jan 05

One-Shots featuring Jack and Mark

Ranging from fluff and angsty to smut

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insecurity-central insecurity-central Aug 08, 2017
Mark watched as his senpai walked away with anger in each step marks eyes began water as he ran towards his senpai.
catbug354 catbug354 Jan 05
I dare someone to just walk up to a random person and then whisper to them "we can share the fizzy"
LissaWho5 LissaWho5 Mar 13, 2017
So like what if it's just Cry out of nowhere shining a light down because he runs the lights for the school plays.
DisturbedPsycho DisturbedPsycho Nov 01, 2017
oh, do not mind me! XD Only a German who runs through here XD
super-twinkie-202 super-twinkie-202 Dec 27, 2017
                              That's my weakness when someone calls their partner love
RyanSaysHi RyanSaysHi Aug 23, 2016
"Watch Netflix? Can we also Chill?"
                              "Or we could just...chill"