Take a Chance....(ItaNaru)

Take a Chance....(ItaNaru)

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Lexyee By AlexiaRoseScott Updated Aug 31

Itachi Uchiha is the well respected son of the Uchiha clan, he is one of the coolest ninjas around with girls watching his every move. Despite having countless girls chase him, he's never fallen in love.. 

What happens when the new 16 year old boy of the well respected Uzumaki clan threatens to steal his heart?

Heyyo Lexx here, I was dreaming of ItaNaru last night and I thought it was a good idea so here it is!

I'm warning you now there will be BoyXBoy smut so don't say I didn't warn you...

Prepare for nosebleeds and heartbreak..

shiro1sora shiro1sora Sep 11
I just got the weirdest image of Itachi skipping now. Thanks for that.
shiro1sora shiro1sora Sep 11
I feel like Itachi would awkwardly clear his throat, or start coughing. Uchihas don't whine. Ever.
idiez99 idiez99 Jun 09
Ummm… *turns on AC and puts on 12 Celcius<- dunno how to spell* we good now????????????????????????
ItachisLove ItachisLove Jul 29
                              I'm not that obsessed XD
                              No but seriously Itachi. Love me. 0-0
Kushina's eyes are blue...... I searched it..... love this story by the way
Wow Itachi really did scarf down that food if he finished in 2 minutes.