The Alpha King and His Mate #Wattys2016  (EDITING)

The Alpha King and His Mate #Wattys2016 (EDITING)

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Robyn Andrews By Ragnor1 Updated Jun 21, 2016

-The Alpha King and His Mate-

"But the most important thing that I realised is that I'm hopelessly, incredibly, completely, head over heel in love with you. And I never want to stop.", I whispered the last few words but he still heard.

He put his mouth next to my ear and whispered,"I love you too Marina, forever and always. I'll never stop loving you because you are 'mine' and no one else's."

Marina was running through the forest as fast as her legs could take her, running from her attackers. Her pack in Gold Moon in Swords was attacked by rogues, her parents told her to run! 

Darius King is the Alpha King, commander and leader of the four packs and lives in the  Death Rider pack, the largest of them all! He's known for being ruthless, demanding, cunning, terrifyingly cold and cruel and they say he doesn't have a heart. But what people don't know is that Darius wants to find his mate, he wants to be loved and love someone else in return, is he the monster people make him out to be?
Will his past continue to haunt him?
Will his his mate Marina  love him back?

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ToniqueJohn ToniqueJohn Jan 21
I love him already😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍😍
000QueenHeart000 000QueenHeart000 Jun 12, 2017
montazabeauty montazabeauty Jan 16, 2017
Omg te part where it talk about how their broken I almost started crying... I'm so emotional
Ragnor1 Ragnor1 Jun 07, 2016
Well since they don't share a mindlink the voices just kind of radiate from them almost! Sorry for the confusion!❤️
fatimav17 fatimav17 Oct 16, 2016
This is always my favorite part to read when they're taking about the big bad alpha
Cocoloco2081 Cocoloco2081 Dec 11, 2016
IM BAACK!! IM so sorry, I wasn't very active. So I'm rereading the whole book! You have my love -Your Biggest Fan