Plan: Jealousy. Distraction: Love.

Plan: Jealousy. Distraction: Love.

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Rose By WritingCrazer Updated Feb 17, 2011

Liliana is a sarcastic, clever, art loving girl who prefers to hide in the shadows occasionaly talking to one of her friends that play in the band but usually just keeping to herself. Then there's Kendall the popular jock who all the girls long for, but Kendall only wants one girl. Well, that's not the complete truth he want a girl but only for her body. That girl just happens to bee his ex, as well as the mean cheer captin. So to get her back Kendall consructs a plan to make her jealous. All he needs is a pretty girl who won't go and tell everyone all about his plan, and he when he bumps into clumsy Liliana he knows she is the perfect person for his plan.

After they hang out more and more they get closer in a way neither one of them imagined, which will bring them to a deadly question:

In this plan of jealousy will they actually fall in love?

And when the question is answered in a terrible fashion, how will either of them go on.

After all it is impossible not to get into drama after you fake drama...

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