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Water Girl (Lapidot)

Water Girl (Lapidot)

21.2K Reads 900 Votes 16 Part Story
Amecopter By Amecopter Completed

Peridot isn't really sure how to go about highschool, or handle the annoying people there. She's just there because she needs to be.
Everything is fine until Lapis, a girl on the swim team moves to Beach City.
Then highschool gets a lot more interesting.

NerdyBookLover05 NerdyBookLover05 Nov 24, 2016
That's literally how my best friend gets to my house I live like a block away from him so whenever he wants to come over he text me and then jumps over the fence or opens it. He knows the code
I hate it when people are too lazy to spell, they look like idiots.
FairyTail_Nerd FairyTail_Nerd Dec 05, 2016
Actually gajevy wait ok so theres a shrimp and someone w/ blue hair???
Jasper had to be inserted but I never expected it to be like this xD
jasper's cameo in lapidot stories is always great
                              this is the best one yet by far
That's jasper.
                              W A K E  M E  U P  I N S I D E