Love to Death

Love to Death

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Crystal Santacruz By Santacruz23 Completed

It is the year 2020 and the annual Moon Festival has arrived where male and female werewolves participate to find their mates and three notorious werewolf packs have come together to help werewolves find their mates. This year however will be different, the three alpha leaders have decided to tell their packs about a story that took place during the Dark Middle Ages where a notorious Alpha named Matthias has found his mate, who was a human girl, Selene. The three alphas not only want their pack members to know the story of Matthias and Selene, but to know the true importance and meaning of having a mate.

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Cover By: selenereese

This is a good chapter and I like that you wrote out the pack names in two forms and said where they were from. The packs have cool names😊👍🏻