The Vampire Prince → Niam Horayne

The Vampire Prince → Niam Horayne

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Ann and Erin :) By -ohnoNiall Completed


Niall's parents are vampire hunters, but they have never told him and never will. Liam is the Prince of vampires, and wants to get revenge on the two vampire hunters for killing his parents.

{started 2. 27. 16} {finished 11. 9. 16}

cover by the amazing -larrystylinsonvevo 

©  2016 -ohnoNiall

|| placed #2 in the bromance awards ||

Niall you're dressed nice don't ever let yourself down like that
That's not true, Nialler. You have the most incredible blue eyes I've ever known. Plus, you are Queen of Ireland. Why would you feel so understimated like this? :(
cin461d cin461d Mar 12
can't wait for this to really get started.  it sounds awesome so far.
Awe awe yess yesssss yeessssssssssssssa yyesssssssssss this this is nice yesss
Ugh yes I'm loving this. Which character was on the shift. If it was Dean I'd so buy it. Also like nothing is worse then staring out the window in to the darkness and seeing something. I would literally die. Anyway I am so excited for this. Can't wait for the next chapter!
AfterNarry AfterNarry May 02
Omfg yas!
                              Supernatural is my thing!
                              Love the tv show so much. 😭😭