dead// joshler

dead// joshler

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josh has been out of school a lot recently, but that's just what tyler wants to believe. he doesn't want to believe josh is dead.  he does anything and everything to make himself believe his boyfriend is still alive. then it hits him. hard.

"well if he's dead, then i should be too."

TRIGGER WARNING: suicidal thoughts and actions toward the end. if you are triggered easily, this fic isn't for you.

also each chapter will be about one paragraph, maybe more maybe less.

(lowercase intended)

  • joshler
lmao josh cant come to the phone right now.
                              oh, cause he's dead!
deathspellls deathspellls Oct 01, 2016
josh is just having an extremely long masturbation session with themself
Jfc why am I reading this at night when I know damn well I'm going to cry
mustafar66 mustafar66 Dec 02, 2016
why am i reading this if i already know i will end up crying? Help