[Prospering || Book 3]

[Prospering || Book 3]

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Happiness is what you feel on the inside. It comes from many different things and people. It can't be bought or rented and it's not meant to be artificially made.

Bryson makes me happy. Our children make me happy. The world is at peace when I'm with them and it feels like nothing can bring me down from the high of their presence.

But when your life changes, you change and the things that once made you happy, don't make you happy anymore. 

Bryson's life has taken a drastic turn and all of his dreams are coming true. Even though he's extremely humble, it doesn't mean everyone around him wants him to be. 

I've been his number one fan since day one, but now, it's hard to tell whether I'll be able to keep my spot.

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Treeeeendy805 Treeeeendy805 Jul 04, 2017
I'm sorry but that honestly looks super creepy. I wouldn't have heard or felt anything though because I'm a very heavy sleeper. I slept through an earthquake once so I'm pretty sure I could have slept through Someone touching my face
Treeeeendy805 Treeeeendy805 Jul 04, 2017
What does Paris actually look like. I forgot to ask in book one. Cause I still have no idea what she looks like
brilliantblackgirl brilliantblackgirl Jun 07, 2016
I woulda woke up like bitch stop tickling me dammit I'm tryna sleep 😒
YoMuvaHoe YoMuvaHoe Apr 21, 2016
I won't hold back 💕💍 it's about time I do it it's about time I say this shhh spent alotta time on the waiting list😩
shaniatashi shaniatashi Oct 24, 2016
I would've felt like a spider was on my lip and probably sleep punched my husband 😩😩😩
Tia_Dope Tia_Dope Feb 21, 2016
OMG I'm so happy *Bad Boys II* Now that's how you write books, FROM NOW ON THATS HOW YOU WRITE BOOKS 😂😂(only some will know what I'm talking about)