crush on mr. tomlinson (larry stylinson au)

crush on mr. tomlinson (larry stylinson au)

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Ginger963 By Ginger963 Updated Aug 22, 2016

Mr. Tomlinson was strict, a bit snappy, and overall harsh with the work he gave out every week. The 26 year old man had just gotten a job as an English teacher at the old school he attended as a teenager, and maybe he took out some of his past on his students, but 17 year old Harry Styles didn't mind. 

In fact he was fascinated. 

He found himself head over heels with a crush on his teacher that he could do nothing about. Not only was he underage, but he was almost positive Mr. Tomlinson was straighter than the ruler he slapped the chalkboard with. Secretly he wanted the man to slap him with it. Oops?

A few of his friends were aware of Harry's crush, and laughed it off because it was seemingly harmless and Harry knew better.

He knew better...


"Mr. Styles I'd appreciate if you'd cease talking with your friend and keep your attention on me."

"S-Sorry, Mr. Tomlinson." Harry muttered, having trouble keeping eye contact with his teacher who looked like he was going to eat him alive.

"You can apologize to me after class." The man at the front of the room narrowed his icy blue eyes, "As for the rest of you," He looked away from Harry's blushing face and gestured to the class as a whole, "Anyone want to tell me why Mr. Styles is going to be apologizing to me after class?"

Without bothering to call on anyone he answered the question himself, watching Harry's cheeks grow redder by the second, "Because he's been bad and I'm gonna do something about it. That goes for the rest of you, as well. Fix your attitudes or I'll do it myself."

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                              AWWWWHHHHHH THIS IS SO FCKING CUTE
GiSa017 GiSa017 Jan 31
Okay in real life I'd run for my life but as fiction I love it😂
GiSa017 GiSa017 Jan 31
I'd have the banana all over my face...  and then there's Harry Styles.