How Not to be a Guardian Angel | Wattys2016

How Not to be a Guardian Angel | Wattys2016

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"You're lying," he challenged, glowering at me. His eyes were a brilliant color in the pale moonlight.

I scowled, "Did you not just see me-okay, I guess you got me. I'll just see myself out." I brought my wings out and stretched them to exhibit my tools for flight.

His eyes widened at the sight, and for a split second I was afraid that he'd faint. He didn't, but stumbled back and fell on his ass. "Y-You're..."

"Yes human," I spelled out tenderly. "Bask in my Angelic glory and embrace your fate."

"W-Wait," he stammered, picking himself up, "What fate? I-I don't..."

I plastered on what I hoped was a wisdom-filled smile. "Oh, human, your journey to the afterlife is drawing near. Can you not feel your life energy preparing for take off?"

He choked, "What? I'm not even sixteen!"

My laughter bubbled out on its own accord and filled the air. "Dude, I'm kidding. My name's Jasper and I really am just your Guardian Angel." 

I had to duck to avoid having a trophy drilled into my face.

Omg you're so funny no sarcasm .........I'm serious no sarcasm
They probably pulled the "you are very fortunate to be in this position" card
Grey_s Grey_s Oct 15
I just looked at the song I was listening to and the title of it was: Your Guardian Angel. Hilarious coincidence, ahaha.
Tbh I was gonna say "me" and be relatable then I realized I would need to crawl my way up to get to earth