It's okay to be different (A BoBoiBoy fanfic) (COMPLETED)

It's okay to be different (A BoBoiBoy fanfic) (COMPLETED)

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Kitty White Cat By KittyWhiteCat Completed

"So, would you like to be five different people?"

"Yes!" They said in unison. As Ochobot tried to split BoBoiBoy with his powers, there was a bright light. Tok Aba, Yaya, Ying, Gopal and Fang had to squint  their eyes to see what was going on. Then stood in front of them, were five people, looking the exact same. Twins, to be exact. Now they have to be prepared for penta-trouble...

(Note that in this is an AU fanfic. The only ones who knew the powers Ochobot gave them is the ones who received it, Tok Aba, Ochobot, Adudu and Probe. The fight with Tengkotak never happened. The fight with Captain Kaizo never happened too because Fang never knew he had a brother. Which means the fight never happened and Fang was never in Captain Kaizo's army. Also if you possess half a brain, which I know that you would have both possession of your brains, I don't own BoBoiBoy, it belongs to Animonsta. The fight with Bagogo never happened. And also this would be different than the TV series, but it's a fanfic, I can do whatever I want with it.)

BoBoiBoy, Fang, Yaya: 14 years old

Gopal: 15 years old

Ying: 13 years old

School: Rintis Island Junior High school 

Time: June 2015

There will be:
Curse words 
Magic (though most fake, just to match the plot.)
Teen pregnancy
Mental illness 

Poor poor Fang... Seriously Thunderstorm, do you have tears or what?!
Wut the?? Thunder participated in the yelling?!? I thought he was the emotional and easily angered one!! *pouts*
Why does his grandmother call him Fang Quon? The only ones who knows his true name, Prebet Pang, is himself, Kaizo, his friends, and his parents. His grandparents only know his name is Fang Quon. The doctor knew the same thing too.
They were one, but since they split, they decided to be twin brothers.
eveyeah21 eveyeah21 Nov 19
Err...  If 5 siblings like boboiboys are same in age should be called quintuplets not twins