Submitting To Love (REVISING)

Submitting To Love (REVISING)

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K.J. Velez By pautamik Updated May 14, 2016

I am currently editing this. I'm putting the story up because it'll be a while before I can finish it. Most of what has been written will have big changes.


Handsome. Successful. Rich. Cold. Mysterious

Those are some of the adjectives that people attribute to him. There are only few chosen people who can see behind the stoic mask he wears in the business world. But none of them can thaw his frozen heart. No one has been able to gave him the freedom he seeks. Until she came along.

Beautiful. Friendly. Adventurous. Modest. Intriguing.

There's something about her that make people curious. In her simplicity and warmth, people were drawn to her. But no one can get close enough. No one can climb through the wall she has built around herself. No one can free her of her inhibitions. Until he came along.

Electrifying. Hot. Consuming fire.

The attraction was instant. Sexual tension simmered the moment their eyes met. Both of them resisted. They resisted as much as they could. Both wanting to protect themselves and their hearts. Giving in was inevitable, like a rubber pulled taut until it snapped.

Two people wanting to belong. Two people looking for someone who would accept them, despite their flaws. Two people who found what they're looking for in each other.


For mature readers only.

TheLeadingMan11 TheLeadingMan11 Feb 21, 2016
This is quite long ate haha. Save ko muna to sa reading list.
magicheart21 magicheart21 Mar 13, 2016
And you say you suck? Nahiya naman ako. Hahaha.. This is great. Extremely intense I might say.  👍
joyybrn joyybrn Aug 12, 2016
Another great piece of ALDUB SPG writer! congrats gonna add this on my list
MariaRevelar MariaRevelar Jun 11, 2016
Pure love executed in steamy, selfless, intense and powerful lovemaking! A lighter version of 50 Shades that is enjoyable to read. 😊
hdrmd24 hdrmd24 Mar 25, 2016
This is really good!!! Can't wait for the next update 🔥🔥🔥😝
Ricomaine Ricomaine Jul 30, 2016
Gusto ko talaga ung disclaimer na "if youd mind is below 18 don't read this" 😂😂😂