Happy (Miniminter Fanfiction)

Happy (Miniminter Fanfiction)

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I don't believe that real life love stories happen just like in those cliche books or movies,

when a girl meets the love of her life in a bar,or accidentaly bumps into a guy

That's not the way it is.

And I never believed in it,until it happened to me.

Maybe cliche's happen to you only if you hate them.



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bythebayside bythebayside Oct 12, 2017
thats me in my friend group, they are the most popular in the grade and no one really knows me yet two of the three dropped me and the other has been my best friend for as long as i can remember so thats good ig lmao
konstantina_krn konstantina_krn Apr 23, 2016
I will enjoy it !!!!!!! Believe me I will !!! From your last books , I know I will
Crazygamingforever Crazygamingforever Aug 16, 2016
I do that every afternoon don't judge me that's when I get up
i_love_fanfics_xxx i_love_fanfics_xxx Aug 04, 2016
Do I look like I care?
                              Bîtch I am ready for the sweet release of death