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Babysitting Criminals Means A New Change//ON HOLD//

Babysitting Criminals Means A New Change//ON HOLD//

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Phoenix & Dragon By FairyLucyNamiPiece Updated Sep 07, 2016

Lucy is stuck babysitting Oracion Seis.
Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe are back in town.
So what happens when all of Lucy's admires are together.
And what happens if you add a demon match maker in it all. 
After the GMG one by one each of her guild members started to ignore Lucy. What happens when Lisanna hurt her self and blamed it on Lucy? What happens if Team Natsu hurt Lucy? What happens if Oracion Seis change Lucy? Will the change be a good one or a bad one? 
Who knows. Read to find out.
Sorry summary sucks.

MonyTab MonyTab Jul 05, 2016
Why am I laughing. I'm sorry I'm laughing so hard at her nickname
EmoRenegades EmoRenegades Jun 03, 2016
Wait.......... Dust? Is that a thing? Is being allergic to dust an actual thing? I need to go sit down for a minute.......... ;-;
mariam0_0 mariam0_0 May 25, 2016
Its from junkofairys book . It looks like it 😕  @Ray_Rythem