Just Jump

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TheMightyPen By TheMightyPen Updated 4 years ago
Two years ago, Jules's brother jumped off a bridge to his death. He was the fifth jumper in a string of suicides—or so she thinks. When he begins appearing in Jules's dreams, her brother always has just one message for her: “Just jump.” Soon Jules finds that the message holds more meaning than she originally thought. And that the bridge has more secrets than anyone ever imagined...
im going to be stuck in this book.i read the first paragraph and im already hooked!
Cool! I put off and put off and put off reading this, but now, im so glad im starting!
Honestly at first I thought the main character was a boy...but then you clarrified that. Haha. But it is a great start. When my stories are published I hope you share a comment too. Thanks.
The blurb on the side was rad, and I can't help but love the prologue. I shall read more. :)
i'm sooooo hooked, it's like my secret cocaine lol voted and fanned!
This story is so intriguing, love it :)) upload soon please XD