If Only It Was An Illusion(completed)

If Only It Was An Illusion(completed)

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Aafryn🌸 By Aafrynn Updated Sep 17, 2017

"you're no one to me", his words echoed in my ears but what was it all when he kissed me; merely an illusion? It felt so real and lively.

 "...and just so you know, you're not allowed to leave this job until or before 6 months", he flung the contract papers in the air. 

I had signed the papers, the terms and conditions clearly meant that I was suppose to work for his company and had no right to leave it until his consent. 

"Leave my cabin for now", he ordered as he turned behind. 


Amanda Waters is your typical College student who happens to face a lot of financial difficulties and as a result, is made to earn for a living. She's blunt, She's sensitive but she is also accompanied by two of her best friends in this story: Gina Sullivan and Francis Rutherfold.

The enterprise which she works in is different, very different. In fact, the 'CEO' is not just another Happy go lucky male lead of the company. Aaron Reynolds- Rude, Arrogant, Harsh and Stubborn. He's what they call an eccedentesiast. They say that a person who defines negative adjectives has a lot more inside them, the darkness in that person may overrule all the Positiveness. Well, with Aaron, it's hard to say.

But...What if Amanda already had a face-off with 'The CEO' before working in his firm? What if she had already drawn a thick line of hate? What if egos of the same level collide?  What then?

True Love? More like illusion! An illusion which poses as a life threat. An illusion with the ability to make you believe in non-existent things such as; fairies, demons, fate and even destiny! Ironic is it not? What we as humans happen to rely on.

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