✖︎ Hurt ✖︎

✖︎ Hurt ✖︎

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e r r o r By yooncake Updated Nov 11

"Why do I have to get bullied?" Xiumin says while wiping the blood away from his forehead.

He then looks behind and finds Luhan.

His eyes widen and fill up with tears.

"M-Minseok?" Luhan stutters.

"I'm sorry." Xiumin bursts out crying.

He never wanted Luhan to find out about him being bullied.

AROHA_2u2 AROHA_2u2 Oct 04
Xiumins health.......wolf era.......scary.......sad......crying ☹️😖
baeksonglu baeksonglu Nov 29
then i found a cab and get in.
                              then i told told the uncle to bring me to incheon mall.
                              then i reach incheon mall.
                              then i stood there.
angeliica14 angeliica14 Nov 15
I didn't join EXO-L until August this year and when I seen how skinny Minnie was it hurt me
😏 okay... I'll make sure to have headphones in so I can't-uh hear anything
baeksonglu baeksonglu Nov 29
omigerd. u no need to sneak around when ur parents are not at home boi
As i first saw him i thought he is Chinese . (     °◊°   )