Rejected By My Alpha

Rejected By My Alpha

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Jennifer By jennife5r Updated Nov 16, 2015

My parents once told me, " You don't know what you have until you've lost it" Of course they told me this when I was 4 so I didn't really think much of it until they died a couple of days later.

Most of the pack including my brother Joey blamed little 4 year old me for their death because they tried to protect me from rouges, and because of that I grew depressed as the years went by, I became the weakest wolf in the pack. When Jace became the new Alpha after his parents death it went downhill from there. 

I basically became their servant, the girl that nobody liked, I only had one friend. When my birthday came around it was time for me to find my mate and when he just so happened to be my Alpha Jace I wasn't that shocked when he rejected me, yet I had enough of it so I left.
Now I've returned and something has changed. 

My parents once said, "You don't know what you have until you've lost it" Except this time I'm not the one learning the lesson.

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AnneCatena AnneCatena Aug 24
Well at least he thought of that. It's the first time I read such thing in "rejecting" books
lmaomofo lmaomofo May 28
Well no wonder no one likes her, that outfit is nassss-ty. Soz author, ily
ChappedCherryLipsx ChappedCherryLipsx Jul 19, 2016
Lily is spelt Lily here but in he next few sentences it's spelt Lilly
Sounds_of_Misery Sounds_of_Misery Aug 02, 2016
Have looks ugs I looked at his pic online and truth he looks ugh
TaraaB5 TaraaB5 Jan 31
When I she said "skitch" I thought she was having some kind of brain malfunction that caused her to mess up words...      😂😕