Fairy Tail:Summon The Celestial Wizards

Fairy Tail:Summon The Celestial Wizards

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AnimeLoverOfTime_100 By AnimeLoverOfTime_100 Updated Feb 21, 2016

"Since the two of you,had done many things for us,we will repay you by choosing to be a celestial spirit or remain dead.If you both choose to be a celestial spirit you could chose your power,Old Friends"The Celestial Spirit King announced.I looked into Yukino's eyes.We wanted to see everyone again."We choose to be celestial spirits"

After Lucy And Yukino's Death
They are given a second chance according to the Celestial Wizard Law.

But Lucy and Yukino's keys fall into the hands of dragon slayers?!!

Lucy and Yukino are on a quest to find Lucy's mother in the Celestial World.

But It happens to be really quick.

Will Lucy and Yukino become Human again?

To summon the Blonde Cat,Lucy
And The Blue Rose,Yukino

Summon The Celestial Wizards!

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DulcineaEdwyn DulcineaEdwyn May 23, 2016
Wait, he murdered someone for bumping into him... what has happened to the world?
                              P.S I find this fanfic really interesting!