Life in a Tribe

Life in a Tribe

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The Fairy Tail Tribe is split in two; "The Male Tribe" and "The Female Tribe".

In The Female Tribe live best friends Lucy, Levy, and Juvia. They grew up living in fear of the 'hunters' of The Male Tribe. 

In The Male Tribe live best friends Natsu, Gajeel and Gray. The boys were destined to become 'hunters' since their fathers were once hunters too.

They all grew up waiting in anticipation for that one day.

"The Day of the Taking."

All characters belong to Hiro Mashima♥️ 

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Started: 20th February 2016
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It's like the dragon mating season except they die 😭😭😭
I'm typing this before I read, my only question.. how do the tribes reproduce?
AmberSpice AmberSpice Sep 03
All I can imagine is a slow motion scene of Erza being taken by Jellal and she is just like "TAKE ME MY PRINCE"!!! And Jellal is like "I MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE"!!!
onixette onixette Sep 05
So how exactly do they make babies if women are rare? Do they fück with each other or something? How does that even work?!
How do they reproduce if its all females?! My brain is so confused
NealBlaireAshley NealBlaireAshley 3 days ago
Wait in ft shes 12 but in here, how old is she anyway in this book, maybe shes 3 or 4, or i dont know,  hhhmmnnnnn