Life in a Tribe ✔️

Life in a Tribe ✔️

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The Fairy Tail Tribe is split in two; "The Male Tribe" and "The Female Tribe".

In The Female Tribe live best friends Lucy, Levy, and Juvia. They grew up living in fear of the 'hunters' of The Male Tribe. 

In The Male Tribe live best friends Natsu, Gajeel and Gray. The boys were destined to become 'hunters' since their fathers were once hunters too.

They all grew up waiting in anticipation for that one day.

"The Day of the Taking."

All characters belong to Hiro Mashima♥️ 

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Started: 20th February 2016
Finished: 4th September 2017

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Mystic_Ender Mystic_Ender Dec 01, 2017
Me if I was Lucy: LUCYYYY KIIICCCKKK *kicks him where the sun dont shine*
Sa amoy ka pala recognized!!! kung alam ko lang palagi na lang akong magpPabango!!!
zoneout098 zoneout098 Dec 25, 2017
You’re actually a great writer idk why you said you weren’t.
Curtina2619 Curtina2619 Dec 28, 2017
I'm sorry did igneel just imply that supreme hunters just stay at home and have sex with the girl they hunted down? or did I just go too far
SlayerWolf9 SlayerWolf9 Jan 29
Women are not animals, if the boys try catching me I'll kill em on sight
                              I'm an independent woman
DuckyMoDiddly DuckyMoDiddly Dec 29, 2017
Me when the boys come and try to takes the girls: *hides for a little while then sees gray has massive nose bleed then runs up to him* says take me away my prince