Texas Nights

Texas Nights

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A. L. Cook By ALCook Completed

In Texas, the days are hot, but the nights are hotter...

Alexis Logan's best friend was declared MIA two years ago while on active duty in the Middle East, so his homecoming should be the happiest day of her life. Instead, her emotions are thrown into turmoil. Can she admit her feelings, when doing so may mean she loses his friendship forever?

Patrick Mitchell has loved Lex since they were kids, and seeing her when he returns home just reinforces the fact that she owns his heart entirely. But the reappearance of old flames and new threaten to destroy the fragile relationship Paddy and Lex are beginning to form.

Can they overcome the barriers that stand between them and true love, or will they miss their chance for happiness?

New to wattpad...and I'm excited I ran across your stories! Your writing is so refreshing and you have definitely piqued my interest. 😊
BatmanOtaku BatmanOtaku May 19
Been a couple months since I've been on Wattpad and the first thing I do is check for a new story from you...AND I AM VERY HAPPY RIGHT NOW
Looking forward to this story...I am a new follower and fan.
Amazing! I'm already hooked, you have no idea. Been a while since I've stumbled across a good read, so thank you :)
I luv this book it's like a very calming g book even in the middle part of the story, lol ☺️
your story is beautiful i like it so much more than that i like and i love it