Manga Sketches and Drawings Book

Manga Sketches and Drawings Book

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ig : @vioo6 By Ralder Updated Jul 04

Hello everyone ^^
I see you have stumbled yourself upon a really rare... the one and only... 

My artbook XD ( Sorry if you hope to hear Hidden Secret Treasure or somethin XP )

Inside and the cover too is purely my own drawing. If there is some that are inspired by other's work I'll definetely put a special note. Go ahead and take a look^^ constructive critisms are more than welcomed XDD 

Request : CLOSED except on special event
Art Trades : CLOSED for now
Commissions : CLOSED until I finished all IRL commissions

Please do NOT use this without permission. ( aka stealing, plagiarism, or whatever you call it -_- ) or I'll be more than delighted to send a torpedo from below and atomic bomb from above and kamehameha from in front of you :D Oh, and my fist to your face ^^

Have fun !!! Drawings need to be enjoyed so we can see their true meaning !!!^^

Start : In the beginning of March 2016 (*'▽`)ノノ

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Your drawings are so good but.. no offense you use "XD" too much..
one-otaku-man one-otaku-man Apr 01, 2016
Wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwwwwww 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 it's realy cool !!!(i don't speak anglish...)
-TheOtakuNerd- -TheOtakuNerd- Mar 19, 2016
YOSHHH!!!!! One of my favs came back!!!!! I smiled when I saw this book!
Nico_and_Percy Nico_and_Percy May 08, 2016
I just saw this book and glad that you are back!!!! Ugh. Damn Ralder, back at it again with the awesome drawings!!!
KuroiOkami11 KuroiOkami11 May 11, 2016
I just found your new book! Glad your back!! And your drawing are still so awesome!
Vampy_Doodles Vampy_Doodles Aug 08, 2016
Ralder. I have found you again. And I'm crying because of how amazing your drawing are. But nonetheless I am glad you are back. 😄