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jeonglena By jeonglena Updated Sep 02

I rejected him and told him to leave the pack and then I made love to him.

He left the next day and we're apart for three years...

Only for him to come back and he's not the same broken timid boy then. He's so much braver now. Fiercer, bolder, prettier...

And just so happen to be the mother of my child that I didn't knew I have.

And let's just say, he decided to play hard to get with me.

Bleh188 Bleh188 Aug 16
I once called my mom a mean b....to my sister thru a text. And as my luck would have it, my mom found it. Needless to say, I did get hit, however, no bruises, facial surgery, nor death. I think it's the shock...altho THIS would be a totally different story...
YukiChan801 YukiChan801 Aug 14
Buddy if that was my mom I would be thrown out the damn window
Yup! I don't understand how these disrespect their mother like that. I'd probably be disowned while we're at it.
Bleh188 Bleh188 Aug 16
It's okay hun. Luvie, that image grosses me out....if grosses is a word at the moment...well, it is now. Luvie, that image grosses me out.
LayMoon LayMoon Aug 05
If I ever said that to my mom I would be dead. No matter what age
I'd be 6ft under before I got the chance to finish that sentence