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jeonglena By jeonglena Updated Jul 27

I rejected him and told him to leave the pack and then I made love to him.

He left the next day and we're apart for three years...

Only for him to come back and he's not the same broken timid boy then. He's so much braver now. Fiercer, bolder, prettier...

And just so happen to be the mother of my child that I didn't knew I have.

And let's just say, he decided to play hard to get with me.

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She's sexy but so far she isn't slutty. Plz don't be a b簿tchy hoe 
I'm lesbian and I don't particularly enjoy jiggling boobs either.
If you put an 'm' in front I would of flipped my sh簿t cause that's my ex's name
SugarCancer SugarCancer Nov 15
Brave kid. I wish I could bravely swear like that in front of mum
aaliyahphillip11 aaliyahphillip11 Dec 23, 2016
My mom would of slapped me so hard, not even god would of gotten it healed,mlol
SzaxCtrl SzaxCtrl Dec 21, 2016
My momma would have beat my ass before I even finished speaking