Only You {h.s}

Only You {h.s}

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harry's bitch By papihazza Updated Aug 01

"Say it," he rasps lowly against her lips, tugging at the bottom one with his teeth.  "Say you're mine."
"I'm yours," she breathes.

She's Louis' damaged little sister.
He's Louis' dominant best friend.

After years of being away, Harry comes back into Meredith's life. His protective nature and her submissive tendencies create undeniable chemistry. But, when past demons and new challenges come into play, happy endings aren't always guaranteed.

*Contains strong sexual content*

i just yelled,"GOD HE'S SO PRETTY!" and i feel like i just pissed off my neighbours 😂
TheVlut TheVlut 4 days ago
*little kid screaming* 
                              Mom: good morning
                              Kid: *does double chin* MER. 😂😂😂
Oh she is only 18 and he is 25 that's not too bad because technically she is almost a legal adult