KuroKen  |  Female Robbery

KuroKen | Female Robbery

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ローマ By akiheto Completed

{ KuroKen } AU
Kenma Kozume has gone through the majority of his life with one problem.
Everyone thinks he's a girl. 
As Kemna inches closer to Kuroo in friendship, is that really all he wants?
With the arrival of Kenma's estranged mother, will Kenma be able to tell him how he feels, or will his fear of rejection keep him from the happiness he deserves?

[III] - © ᴀᴋɪʜᴇᴛᴏ

akiheto akiheto May 18
(Sorry it's kinda long lol) but I had an alternate plot for the story. It was gonna be about Kenna and kuroo's ex vying for his attention (she's a 'girl' and she wants to steal him away). But ultimately it ended up being that Kenma takes on a female persona.
M-D-C-B-D M-D-C-B-D Aug 18
No make up, you're already too cute for your own good (this is foreshadowing)
Gay thoughts: *creeping up with jaws theme playing* 
                              Kenma: *gets on train* *plays game*
Oikawa_Toru_ Oikawa_Toru_ Dec 23, 2016
I'm gonna hate myself for this but *Breathe
                              Sorry I
thetrashmaster thetrashmaster Mar 01, 2016
I saw the update for chapter two and i cant open it or it failed to load.
ricemunchkin ricemunchkin Jul 25, 2016
I really like Kenma wearing girl clothes it just ugh I can't explain how much I love it