Karma Akabane x Reader ~ Love at First Sight

Karma Akabane x Reader ~ Love at First Sight

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Yangire chan ~ By Shionex Updated Nov 20

Do you believe in Love at First sight?

You were emotionless up until now.
He changed you.

"They're tears," Karma said hugging you, "you must be have been sick and tired of everything."

A top class assassin was assigned to class E where she experiences different things. Such as love. Will she realize her feelings and will she open up to him? 

The day they met, love began.


Heyo x3 well, this is my second karma x reader story! It'll be longer this time and not as rushed! <3 and I'd also love and appreciate it if you gave this a try :)

I do not own assassination classroom nor the cover for this.

A_Wus_Heare A_Wus_Heare Sep 08
Rina: * growls * * steps in front of me * what did you say punk?....
                              * eyes turning black and yellow while glowing cracks forming on them, *
                              What did you say to my sister...?
Lia-sama Lia-sama Jul 09
Yup me my mother always asks me why am I so heartless and I tell sorry I don't express my feelings I can't remember the last time I smiled(a real one) or cried (for real)
Finally I book with an emotionless freak for the main character! It's rare for some reason ^^ Thanks tho.
                              Btw nice writing style.
fairyfarah6 fairyfarah6 Sep 25
Omg all the assassination classroom fanfics I've found are written so bad thank you so much for this masterpiece
Fira-chan Fira-chan Mar 30
Nooo gakushuu it's not like thaat ToT i promise *cry* 
                              Btw nice chappy!! I love gakushuu so much so yeah hehe eventhough not as much as karma XD